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Buy Swedish snus online at NICOTINE-POUCHES.STORE

we have collected over 800 types of Swedish snus and nicotine pouches so you can find just your favorite Snus to buy. Regardless if you are a tobacco user or prefer tobacco-free, we have the right choice for you. In our wide range you will find you classic tobacco flavors, refreshing mint flavors and more experimental flavors if you would like to try something new. We are experts on Swedish snus and sale of snus. Quality is our focus and we work with well-known suppliers such as Swedish Match and GN Tobacco.

Swedish snus of the highest quality 

At nicotine-pouches.store our Quality Snus - At your doorstep. We work hard all the time to keep the highest quality with our products. We make sure the snus is as fresh as possible when it's being delivered to you, we work with brands that manufactures products of the highest quality and our assortment contains only of products that we would use our self.

Quick deliveries when you buy Swedish snus online

At ​nicotine-pouches.store, we focus on fast deliveries when you order snus online. We know how it is, when you have ordered your favorite snus at SnusMe, you don't want to wait for long. You wish for the box with the order of Swedish snus to be delivered on your doorstep immediately, so that you can enjoy a portion of your favorite taste. Depending on where in the world you are when you buy snus online, the delivery time varies. At snusme.com/faq you will find answers to questions regarding shipping and delivery. We at SnusMe works with distributors such as UPS and Swedish PostNord. When you add your products you want to order in the shopping cart, select the country, for example United States. After which you can see what delivery options we offer.

Choose between 800 varieties when you order snus online from ​nicotine-pouches.store

In our range at ​nicotine-pouches.store you will find over 800 snus varieties, and we offer a wide range of different types of snus products. With in Swedish snus, you will find both loose snus and portion snus. We also have a large selection of tobacco-free nicotine pouches which has become extremely popular, and new products such as nicotine sticks and nicotine inhalers.

Order snus pouches from well known brands

You will find the best brands on the market at ​nicotine-pouches.store. We have suppliers like Swedish Match and GN Tobacco. Swedish Match stands for established and well-known brands such as General, Göteborgs Rapé, Kaliber, Röda Lacket, Nick & Johnny and Ettan Snus. From GN Tobacco comes other favorites in Swedish snus, such as Odens, Siberia, Olde Ving, Lenny and Islay Whiskey.

   Increased demand for tobacco free nicotine pouches In the popular category of nicotine pouches, SnusMe also has a large selection of brands, formats and flavors. Nicotine pouches is an area that is growing and the consumers demand more and more, therefore it is in this category that most news are launched. Established suppliers invest more in tobacco-free products and start up own brands with nicotine pouches. GN Tobacco manufactures nicotine pouches called White Fox, and Swedish Match distributes several different brands such as ZYN, Swave and Volt. In our range at nicotine-pouches.store we also offer products from more start-up companies that wants to compete with their interpretations of tobacco-free snus. There's a lot of creativity when it comes to design, taste and level of nicotine. 

77 - The brand 77 might have the best looking cans, in completely black with the number 77 in a color that suits it's unique flavours.
LOOP - If you a looking to try something new, LOOP has the flavors Jalapeño Lime, Mango Tango and Habenero Mint.
Pablo - The strongest nicotine pouches in our range comes from Pablo and has a nicotine level of 30mg/g.

Choosing a smokeless tobacco product instead of cigarette smoking
It is common for tobacco users who wants to quit smoking to switch to using Swedish snus. Opting out of tobacco smoke means harm reduction and reduces the risk of cancer. Swedish snus is also a more comfortable and discreet way to consume nicotine. An enormous number of smokers have also chosen to switch to nicotine pouches and use it as an alternative to cigarettes.

At SnusMe we believe that this is one of the reasons why nicotine pouches have become so big, and it is therefore believed that this nicotine-free alternative to Swedish snus has been of great benefit to public health. Instead of replacing tobacco smoking with Swedish snus that also contains tobacco, many people appreciate that nicotine pouches are completely free of tobacco. They still add the amount of nicotine that the smoker is used to and also gives a more fresh feeling and eliminates the increased risk that tobacco smoke entails. Continuous research on Swedish snus The use of Swedish snus has been associated with oral cancer. This was built on results from epidemiologic studies on smokeless tobacco products from other countries, which contain other substances compared to Swedish snus. For example the tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA) as Swedish snus contains very little of.

Swedish Match writes about this on their website, and tells about the latest research. Recently, a study was published that examined the mortality of cancer with snus users. The relationship has been evaluated in so-called prospective cohort studies. The study shows show that Swedish snus is not a risk factor for oral cancer, and that mortality from cancer is not increasing among Swedish snus users. History behind Swedish snus
At SnusMe, we are interested in the history of snus, which dates back to 1492 when Columbus landed in America. It was the first time that Europeans came in contact with tobacco leaves. They took the tobacco home to Europe in the form of dried and finely grounded tobacco leaves that were sniffed up through the nose, so-called snuff.

The previous record that tobacco is found in Sweden is from the year 1601. Then the customs in Stockholm noted that tobacco and pipes have been brought into the country. At that time, tobacco began to be grown in Sweden on a large scale. In 1724, the Swedish king Fredrik calls for tobacco cultivation throughout the country, with the goal of making Sweden self-sufficient within four years.

During the 18th century, snuff was a "must have" among the aristocracy, and up to the 18th century master equipment heard a snus can. It is in the early 19th century that moist snus is added under the lip becomes more popular than snuff, and when the use is now moved from nose to mouth it becomes popular to snus. Today's supply of Swedish snus is perhaps greater than ever, and we hope you will find your favorite here at nicotine-pouches.store. 


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